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Cure Arthritis, Joints Pain, Back Pain and Sciatica with Fenugreek

in India, methi or fenugreek is a revered kitchen ingredient not only for its robust flavour but also for its wide range of health benefits. It’s a go-to cure for most menstrual problems and also helps mothers lactate better. It’s one of those rare ingredients that has both culinary and therapeutic uses. Among its many virtues are its anti-inflammatory, liver-protecting and antioxidant benefits.

With winter arriving, it would be smart to stock up your pantry with fenugreek or methi, because the cold months can exacerbate certain arthritic ailments. And thanks to the anti-inflammatory effects, methi can be a good remedy for joint pain that accompanies the cold winter months.

Fenugreek, methi or trigonella foenum-graecum seeds contain a compound known as the fenugreek seed petroleum ether extract. The compound mainly comprises linoleic acid and linolenic acid. A study published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology in 2016 tested the anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic efficiency of this compound.

The effect of the fenugreek seed petroleum ether extract was tested on albino rats who had artificially-induced oedema in their paws. It was found that the rats who were treated with the fenugreek extract showed improvement in their condition and the inflammation in their joints reduced considerably.

The researchers believe that the rich reserves of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in the fenugreek seeds were responsible for reducing inflammation in the rats’ joints.

Another research published in 2010 in the Indian Journal of Medical Research proved that fenugreek has an oestrogenic effect. Which is probably why it is used in many Ayurvedic and home remedies for gynaecological problems. The study says that compounds in methi bound to the oestrogen receptors and functioned just like the hormone.

The researchers say that fenugreek seeds can be used as an alternative to oestrogen replacement therapy, especially arthritis, a disease caused by oestrogen deficiency.

Arthritis, Joints Pain, Back Pain and Sciatica

Taking one spoon Daana Methi with water twice a day is useful to get relief in above diseases.

Grind one spoon seeds of fenugreek and 25 grams jaggery together now boil with one glass of water. Drink it twice a day, it provides relief.

Eating sprouted seeds of fenugreek regular twice a day is useful to cure above diseases.

Taking 1-1 spoon powder of fenugreek and dry ginger with jaggery twice a day is useful to get relief in rheumatism, joints pain, and blood poison, and heart weakness. Do not take bitterness (khatai) during this treatment.

Joints Pain - Fenugreek Seeds, Ginger & Jaggery

Immerse three spoons Daana Methi in one glass of water at night. Boil it and filter in the morning. Drinking it cures amoebic (White and oily liquid) and is useful to get relief in joints pain.

Taking 4 grams fenugreek powder and 4 grams dry ginger powder with jaggery is useful to cure joints pain.

Take one spoon seeds of fenugreek as a fragment with lukewarm milk, it cleans the oiliness of stomach and decreases effects of wind.

Grind 100 grams seeds of fenugreek and grind to make the fine powder. Mix this powder with 25 grams black salt then give two spoons quantity with lukewarm water regularly to the patient, it provides relief.

Boil two spoons ground seeds of fenugreek with one glass of water now filter and mix ground black pepper and rock salt (Saindha) in it and take twice a day regularly, it provides relief in joints pain.

Back Pain - fenugreek Seeds, long pepper, black pepper & dry ginger

Eat sweetmeat of fenugreek twice a day regularly for three weeks. Or rub with fenugreek’s oil on the painful parts; it provides much relief in back pain.

Boil two spoons seeds of fenugreek and two date palms (Without seeds) with one glass of water now filter it. Eat these date palms and fenugreek before going to the bed at night and after that drink water, it is useful in backache.

Boil five dates in water and mix five grams powder of fenugreek in it. Drinking it twice a day relieves backache.

Immerse 300 grams seeds of fenugreek in 300 ml milk at night. Filter it in the morning and dry under sunlight now then grind. Fry this preparation with sixty grams Indian ghee. Toast 300 grams wheat flour with sixty grams ghee until it changes light red then put down and mix both preparation. Prepare syrup after putting 2 kg sugar in mixture preparation.

Grind long pepper, black pepper, dry ginger, caraway and greater galalngal (Kulanjan) each 10 grams together and put it in this syrup, and make 15-15 grams sweetmeats. After that, take one sweetmeat in the morning on stale mouth and one sweetmeat at bed time in night with lukewarm milk regularly for six weeks. It is useful to end backache caused by gas disorders. It also eliminates amoebic constipation.

Grind fenugreek and apply on the waist and after that tie a bandage on the same part, it ends backache (waist pain).

Arthritis or Rheumatism - Fenugreek Seeds, Turmeric & Jaggery

Taking one spoon powder of fenugreek’s seeds twice a day is useful to get relief in joints pain, paralysis and backache.

Eating vegetable of fenugreek makes clean and pure blood. Mix flour of fenugreek and whey together, drinking it eliminates gas disorders, phlegm and fever. Fenugreek cures rheumatism, pain, stomach worms, colic pain, back pain and body pain.

Mix fenugreek, dried Indian gooseberry each 50 grams with 10 grams black salt and prepare the powder. After that, take two spoons of this powder with water twice a day. It is useful to get relief in gas disorder and rheumatism.

Grind equal quantity of fenugreek, dry ginger and turmeric together. Taking 2 spoons of this powder with lukewarm water after meal twice a day regularly cures rheumatism.

Mix one spoon powder of fenugreek’s seeds and one gram small fennel together. After that, take it before meal once a day regularly two weeks, it provides relief in knee’s pain.

Always, take half spoon seeds of fenugreek with water on stale mouth in the morning, midday and at night after the meal. It keeps knee’s joints strong, eliminates pain and is useful to end the pain of knee and heels.

Grind turmeric, jaggery and ground seeds of fenugreek together with equal quantity of water, now heat it and apply on the knees. After that, tie also a band-aid on the knee, it provides relief.

Immerse four spoons fenugreek powder with one glass of water at night. Heat and filter it in the morning and give to the patient to take. Tie some wet fenugreek in a wet cloth and make packet. Open this packet after 24 hours, it will sprout. Eat these sprouted seeds and don’t mix salt or any other things in it. Using this experiment regularly for some months is useful to get relief in gas disorders, rheumatism and knee’s pain.

Grind 100 grams fenugreek seeds then mix with twenty grams ground black pepper and ten grams saindha salt. After that, take two spoons mixture with water after meal twice a day. It is useful to get relief in gas disorders, joints pain, backache and stomachache.

Grind fenugreek seeds to make the powder and take a little quantity of it for 40 days, it provides relief in knee pain that is caused by old age.

Grind 10 grams fenugreek seeds and take with lukewarm water, it eliminates knee pain.

Soak 30 grams fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Crush it early in the morning and filter it and heat on low flame then take, it provides benefit in knee pain.

Neck Pain - Fenugreek's Seeds

Grind fenugreek seeds with water and apply on the painful part thrice a day, it provides relief.

Take one spoon fenugreek’s seeds with water regular twice a day; it eliminates neck pain.

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